The new plan, which will probably last a few days, or until we’re exhausted, or, (considering, actually, that I’m leaving Thursday midday for a work trip to Arizona) until about midday Thursday… the new plan goes like this:

WE (meaning the So-Called Grownups of the house) put the Protein Part on the plate. Alden may serve himself the other things being offered at Chez Decker this evening.  Tonight, le Broccoli a’la steam, and le Rice Pilaf, broken-whole-wheat-pasta-style.

When Alden has eaten the Protein Part, and whatever else he has chosen, he can have more of anything he likes, or he can something else. Apples, toast, whatever is basically healthy, easy, and Alden-approved. (Typical Categories: Fruit and/or Tan.)

And then, when the So-Called Grownups have finished their dinner, and the Talking Part of Dinner, then, and only then, will the all-important question of Dessert be considered.


Salt-water Taffy. Green.



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