Wednesday Words

Seems like a blog ought to have a semblance of structure. You know, kinda like a home.

So, I present, the first Wednesday Words.

My plan is, on Wednesday, I will do one of the following:

A) Write about what I’m reading. This assumes that I am 1) reading and 2) reading something I’m not embarrassed to admit I am reading. Which brings me to…

B) Write about something I wish I was reading. Or I’m feeling smug about NOT reading.


C) Write about a word. Because, jeepers, sometimes, these days, I’m neither reading, nor wishing I was reading, nor feeling smug about, well, flippin’ anything.


I hereby present:

Wednesday Words, number 1

So, Wonderstruck made me stay up late.

I am notorious (among my husband and me) for being a Fast Reader….When he flipped through the book, which consists of maybe 1/3 drawings and 2/3 text, he chuckled and wondered how fast I would devour THIS one.

In fact, I was amazed that it is shelved not in the Young Adult but the Juvenile section of our library…

Then again, the librarian explained “Juvenile runs though Middle School. YA is high school.”

OK, if that’s true, I guess I understand– but adults would love this book way more than  middle schoolers, in my opinion. It is a book that is deeply nostalgic, deeply generational.

It made me… ME!!! …slow down and try to take in each page.

It’s gorgeous, and it’s worth it. And you’ll want to recommend it to that smart 10 year old you know.


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