The Top

This was the top, on Saturday, for us.

Nice spot, no doubt.

But, see the highest point visible? ‘Bout midscreen, slightly above? That’s the Real Top of the Hike, and a spot I dearly love to reach, and especially love to ramble to, with Alden, unhurriedly, paying attention to all the seasonal changes, any plant or animal noted by each of us, and of course, snacks and water, snacks and water. The whole loop takes us (at Alden-pace) about 2 hours. The Real Top of the Hike  is about 15-20 minutes (at Alden-pace) beyond where this photo was taken.

It was beautiful out…but I blew it. I just tried to squeeze in one…more…errand before getting started on our hike. I had to be somewhere at 1:00, so getting started at 11:20 was not cool. And it was the first really muddy day we’d had this spring, and Alden’s new favorite pastime was “Making canals”– dragging his sneakered foot through any promising mud puddle or wet spot to see the water pool up and flow.

I realized quickly this was going to be either A) an obnoxious push on my part in order to get some exercise, or B) a chance to spend a while outside with my son before leaving for a band road trip for the bulk of the weekend…

So, (after making choice A) THIS was the “top” of the hike, for this particular day.

Way more important, in the long run, to enjoy the time spent out there, than to be so focused on Getting There, that we forget to take time, get muddy and laugh.

(Besides, this is where I spent the rest of the weekend on the band road trip…..)


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