Quick one

End of the day, I’d stayed at work later than usual and Josh had picked Alden up from school after a long day painting.

I called Josh as I walked the few blocks from work. “I’m on my way home; wanna get Alden ready to go for a quick walk with me?” Josh was excited about the idea of being able to sneak a quick nap while we took a quick walk.

From a block-and-a-half away I saw Alden standing on the sidewalk, melting my heart in his bright red pants, blue hoodie and frog-covered rainboots. When I hit the end of our block he ran full-tilt and jumped into a hug. Man, does that fill my bucket!

We grabbed Raisin and headed for the river trail. Daylight Savings Time makes mornings tough, but it is so nice to have light in the evening for a walk. It looked like most of Missoula was out for a jog, or a walk, or a bike ride.

The Clark Fork Islands are a protected little area right downtown, and in the summer we actually go splashing and swimming among the little thready channels there.Amazingly, we saw Canada geese and Mallards paired up and clearly getting going with nesting. It’s really spring!

We stopped there, after just about 10 -15 minutes, and Alden immediately got busy in the sand, mud, and shallows. He built dams, castles, and canals, and only would leave when I promised we could go back the next day. I’m already looking forward to it.


2 thoughts on “Quick one

    • Where did that cowlick come from? I’m just loving your blog and though I’m not surprised, your writing is so wonderful. Much love, Grandma Sue

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