Late night notes- St Patty’s Day

My, my, Fun night.

Union Club. Dance floor full to bursting, most of the night.

Some familiar friends and Missoula acquaintances, but after midnight, wow, youngster-ville! Lots and lots of the very young Missoulians on the prowl. (LOVE that dresses and skirts are more common than jeans, almost!) We played a Happy Birthday for one turning-21-young-lady…and she was FAR from the youngest person in the room.

My practical side says, “Hey, sweet… maybe we’ll get a new round of wedding popularity in a couple years??”

My mom-ish side compelled me to ask every person I chatted with after 1:00 AM how they were getting home.

Me? I left the car downtown. I had a few beers and a couple whiskeys– too much for drivin– Could got a ride home with a bandmate but the guys were all going to the Philly Cheesesteak place for pizza or sammies or whatever but although I WAS a bit hungry I didn’t want the late night gut bomb. Plus it was nice to walk home. Here I am, having a bit of crackers and cheese and writing this and good night.


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