Logging miles

We logged a lot of miles, last week, my little dude and I.

Missoula to Salt Lake City to New York City (air) to midtown to Boston (train) to Hull (car) to Boston (boat) to Weymouth to Scituate to Weymouth to Scituate to Cape Cod to Weymouth to Cape Cod to Scituate to Boston (car) to Minneapolis to Missoula.

If we drove it all it would total over 5000 miles.

We spent so. much. time. in transit.

My little dude, who typically spends less than 15 minutes in the car a day, complained on planes, trains, and taxis, “My bum hurts! My bum is hot and sweaty!” Um, yep. People aren’t supPOSED to sit on their bums for 4, 6, 9 hours…

Here is the Amtrak train pulling away from NYC. Alden was fascinated with the long tunnel…and the skyline…then crashed out asleep for almost two hours.

Saying goodbye to New York.

In retrospect I wish I had taken a photo of every form of transportation we took.

This huge container ship was leaving Boston Harbor as we crossed it, taking the ferry from Hull to Logan Airport to pick up a car.

And hello Boston!

All the transit was in fact for a purpose.

The purpose of a few rare moments of stillness, and time, with family.

Time to dig.

Time for a seafood feast with my niece Ava, the Lobster Queen of Cape Cod.

Time for bedtime stories with uncle Tom.

Lots of miles…

Glad we went.


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