One of the very nicest things about life on the Northside… my commute. About a half-hour walk, it’s the best way to start the day when I have time.

This was a particularly glorious spring morning. Not a cloud. Crisply cool without an edge.

Heading out, down the sidewalk toward the trail by the tracks.

The “Northside Greenway”… built (like so many other things) thanks to Bob Oaks and the NMCDC around the time I moved to the neighborhood. Maybe not as scenic as some other Missoula trails, but it gets a ton of functional commuting use, on foot and bike. And, it’s pretty scenic.

It leads me to the “bike bridge” up and over the tracks (again, thanks Bob.) Without it, you have to walk under the Orange St. underpass to leave the Northside, and that’s a dark, noisy, urban-feeling place. Much nicer to be out in the sun.

Crossing the bike bridge. There’s a geocache up there. Not telling exactly where.

Nice view from there, too.

My commute then takes me through downtown. I love our little town a lot. Every corner is imbued with stories…The band played a festival at that corner… that corner’s where I said goodbye to a friend who moved away… this one’s where I fell off my bike that time… that one’s where my first marriage essentially ended… that’s the street I crossed, carrying Alden, two months old, through gentle snowflakes the size of butterflies.

The new bandstand at Caras Park. Much nicer than the old one which has a tent roof so low, upright bass players had to lean forward.

And the best part of the commute.

Crossing the Higgins St Bridge over the Clark Fork River.

Looking east…

Looking west…

I never cross this bridge on foot without feeling thankful.

A cup of coffee at Le Petit Outre…

and off to work I go.


2 thoughts on “Commute

  1. You know I love this, Grace! My walk to work is great for my soul, too. It’s not nearly as picturesque as yours, but… 🙂

  2. Grace! I realized I passed you in the Beagle the other day and realized…Oh yeah, i miss those days with only one car walk/biking to work and enjoying the ride…We should have a “walk to work date”! You inspire me…

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