Stepping Stones

I was so happy when Friday arrived this week.

I was even happier that it was a beautiful day, cool and springy and sunny and mild and delightful. After work, I was dying to grab the dogs and go, somewhere, anywhere, where they could run and roll and romp and I could breathe and look around and hit the reset button.

Alden took some convincing (he’s pretty tired at the end of the school day, let alone at the end of the week) but I was able to convince him we might see some birds, or something. So we went.

Yep, that’s a massively beaver-chewed tree behind him. There is a TON of beaver activity at Tower Road. We call one particular spot “the Beaver Pond” but we’ve never seen one ourselves. Our good friend Jeremy had an amazing experience there last week though — he encountered a beaver caught in a trapper’s snare, and was able to free it after almost an hour of trying.

Spring sure feels good today. I’m feeling a bit of a lightening. Hope on the horizon, returning potential. Why I expect continual progress (whatever that means) or improvement (whatever THAT means) rather than continual messy learning and continual messy growth, I don’t know.

This area flooded last year– REALLY flooded. Hundred-year-flood. New channels were carved all over the place. We were so excited to discover that the area was so well managed in the months after the flood.The new trail system is simple and wonderful, with obvious forethought as to what might happen this year, come high water.

We’ve walked across these stepping stones on dry land a dozen or more times, jumping from stone to stone just for the fun of it, talking about how water “might be here in the spring.”

Right now, it’s run-off time; the rivers are up; there’s water.

Alden wanted me to wade alongside and hold his hand the first time across. Then, he wanted to run across them back and forth, and proceeded to do just that.

I loved seeing this place in its springtime glory. Water filling the places where it’s meant to be– where some very good stewards predicted it WOULD be, in fact.

It was such a wonderful afternoon. The fact that Josh was at home getting dough ready for homemade pizza was the total bonus. I’m pretty sure the rest of the gang thought so too.


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