Ridin’ bikes home

I’m so, so excited.

For a year-and-a-half, the Deal (with a few exceptions here and there) has been that “Josh drops off, I pick up.”

In a lot of ways, that’s awesome.

Alden and I get some time together in the afternoons. I squeeze my work day into the time I have before he needs to get picked up (yeah, OK, and some after we get home, and sometimes a bit after he goes to bed)… but for the MOST part… it’s awesome to be on afternoon duty.

Don’t get me wrong… sometimes I wish I wasn’t the one leaving the house as soon as I’m coherent in the morning…. generally pre-coffee… knowing that every minute of snuggling under the covers with one or both of my dear boys is a minute I’m going to have to steal from somewhere else, sometime else…

Sometimes I wish I had a bit  more wiggle room. When Alden’s class has three field trips scheduled this week and I can’t go… because it was just FFing spring break and I used two personal days to handle that and then they’re off AGAIN next Monday and goodness knows SOMEone is going to get sick again sometime…

And, a lot of the time, I wish getting home with Alden was easier. Our choices:

1. Drive. We are lucky enough to have two cars as a family but I believe with all my heart we should minimize our driving. Especially for eency weency commutes like ours (under 2 miles.)

2. Walk. My favorite choice, and my ABSOLUTE favorite in the morning…..but hard with the picking up of Alden in the PM. It’s about a 30 minute walk–for me. Alden HAS walked all the way home many times but it takes us about 90 minutes. More often, we’ve walked halfway home, then hopped the bus, and it still is… about a 90 minute commute.

3. Bus. Well, this is doable, and we do it. But the buses only run every so often and if we leave Alden’s school at about 3:10, the bus connections get us home at 4:10. An hour later. For a two mile trip. Ick.

4. Bike. Hallelujah, bike weather is here!!!  I’ve often pulled the trailer (empty) to work, and then pulled Alden home. But twice, now, we’ve had the pleasure of ridin’ bikes home together. So. Much. Fun.


Turns out it’s hard to take photos while you ride!!

Alden’s Skuut bike (no pedals, a “balance bike”) is so great. It allows him to feel the feeling of coasting– and he really likes that a ton!

It got pretty warm on the way home; I was so proud of him for riding the whole way.


We stopped off at a park, and we stopped to look at the river, and we took the “long way” so we could cross our favorite bike bridge (the Madison St. Underpass) and we got home at…4:15.

But it was fun the whole way.


One thought on “Ridin’ bikes home

  1. From all I can see Alden is getting something REALLY special from the time you are with him, even though it feels to you like it’s being woefully little. It shows when you speak with each other.
    Great to read your bits and pieces, Grace. Please keep them coming.

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