The long way home

I’m such a fan of taking the long way home.

When I first moved to Montana, in 1994, (almost18 years ago, eek) we took a slow, winding, little roads route to get here. It was my first real road trip. Though I’d traveled cross-country several times, I’d never really had a lot of say in the hows and whys of the trip. I had always been one of a group, and wasn’t particular about the particulars.

I got spoiled very quickly by that 1994 trip. We didn’t travel on any interstate highways between Columbus, OH  and Butte, and we camped, dithered, and followed side paths on a whim.

Ever since,  I avoid interstate travel if I can, and I never really want to go the quickest way. I consider it a failure to stop for for fast food rather than navigating a strange town for an hour looking for some little independent joint. It doesn’t have to be GREAT– it just has to be an experience.

Like it or not, Alden is getting pint-sized exposure to my thirst for the slow lane, the little road, the long way home.

Like today. It took us 2-1/2 hours this afternoon to make it home from school….(this is, literally, a 5 minute drive.)

but we were on bikes, and we had some stops to make.

Like Brennan’s Wave, the standing wave where kayakers play and show off, right in the middle of town.

And not just kayakers– this guy was surfing as we arrived, but packed up before I could get a shot.

And, if you’re at Brennan’s Wave, the Missoula Carousel is just a hop skip and a jump… You better go have a ride or two. (I will confess, I am SO glad Alden is old enough to ride alone. The thing makes me nauseous.)

And once we were home, Josh had the great idea of hooking up the Trail-A-Bike we were given by a friend. We got it last year, in maybe July, but I thought Alden wasn’t ready. Now? Ready.

Working hard to pedal away, moving faster than he can on his balance bike, and grinning a mile wide returning home.

He was going faster, but not too fast, not quite yet.

I do love me the slow lane.


One thought on “The long way home

  1. I’m guessing that you already know it, but I heart you a whole bunch, lady. More every time you write something here…

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