My goodness, Missoula might make us wait for its glory days, but when they arrive, it is well, well, well worth the wait.

Holy gorgeous glowing green, heavenly surreal blue, more wildflowers than I can name, soft, warm-cool air, sunshine on the skin pleasant rather than scary-intense— there is NOTHING like the Rocky Mountain West in its full-on early-summer glory.

Josh and I were both pretty wiped out, having stayed up WAY too late last night celebrating his birthday with friends, particularly the predictably awesome late-night crew of tree-climbers, wine-drinkers, and porch-gabbers who stuck around til almost 1:00. Love those guys.

So I was really glad we all rallied out there into the beautiful day, together, after Alden’s busy day at camp, Josh’s busy day running around putting in bids and organizing equipment rentals and such, and my busy day at the office… we all rallied, even though Alden fell asleep on the way to the trailhead (a fairly common occurrence lately) and we were all moving slower than usual…

We had this:

This is an ephemeral pond, only in existence a few short months. Amazingly, it is home to all kinds of birds (I’ve seen baby geese and ducks) and– wait for it– FROGS! They hang out under the dried out mud most of the year, but come up and frolic when the water is around. Our dogs do their best to terrorize any life forms eking out their existence there by gallumphing though at maximum velocity. (Something I guarantee the rest of us were NOT doing.)

But we went out. You NEVER, ever, ever wish you didn’t go out, didn’t walk, didn’t look around, didn’t take time to notice how absolutely glorious it is out there.

Plus– we had this for brunch recently.  Josh rocks.

(brown rice, carrot, onion cakes on a bed of mustard greens with sauteed chives on top.)


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