Back in the (online) saddle

I’ve had a bit of an unintended break in online livin’. (Sheesh, almost a month between blog posts, what’s THAT about?)

Our computer went kaputz quite a few months back, and I was lucky enough to be in posession of a truly delightful MacBook Pro from work. Without abusing the priviledge overly, I did use it for a bit of personal facebookin’, emailin’, and bloggin’. I didn’t do that stuff while actually at work, and I didn’t use the computer to make money or anything– but having access to it sure took the urgency out of replacing the old clunker. (Which had been great in its day– it’s just that its day was, like, 2002.)

But, I have a new job, and gave the MacBook Pro back ayt the beginning of July. (sniff, sniff.) You get kinda used to all that handy swiping and minimizing and keyboard-glowing sexiness. Oh well. I sure don’t NEED that level of computer for, well, you know, emailin’, face-bookin’, and bloggin’.

So for almost FOUR whole ENTIRE weeks, we were without a computer at home.

For that to really sink in you should probably understand that we don’t have smartphones– we have the dumbest ones we could find. We also don’t have TV. We do have a TV monitor hooked up to a DVD player, which gets occasional use when we (no joke) bring DVDs home from the library. This weekend, for example, Alden was a bit under the weather….

(I am trying not to gloat at ALL over having NOT been there when he puked at midnight IN the tent when he and Josh were camping out at a wedding of a friend of ours. He’s 100% better now, so no worries there– the gloating part is just feeling like I dodged that bullet by having a gig that night, whereas Josh slept the rest of the night, like, curled up without a sleeping pad or sleeping bag because Alden’s stuff was all gross. Kinda, but not quite, makes up for the fact that in missing the wedding, I ALSO missednAlden’s first-ever bear sighting. Dangit.)

… anyway, the point is that Alden was under the weather and pretty wiped out the whole next day (as was Josh, and I was pretty beat myself, having had two gigs in a row that got me home after 2 AM.

So we watched approximately eighteen episodes of Planet Earth from the library and it was AWESOME.

The point of all of that was: Not having a home computer felt surprisingly void-creating for me. I am in the habit of feeling connected online a fair amount. It’s the olympics– no way to check in or participate in that. And so on.

And yet, I kinda got over that feeling really pretty quickly too.

I have read more books in the past 4 weeks than I have in the past 6 months.

I read The Submission, by Amy Waldman. Pretty good (that’s the two-word summary.) It’s the story Z(told from multiple perspectives) of a design competition for the 9/11 menorial at Ground Zero– and the winning entry (chosen ‘blind- no info about the artist) — is a Muslim man. I really liked it, though it was frustrating (though believeable) that as the conflict went on, individuals’ positions became increasingly polarized.

I read Playborhood, by Mike Lanza. This is a personal story, a few other collected stories, and some suggestions, about how to reclaim and rebuild something most adults took for granted as children– “bein out playin in the neighborhood.” Becoming a real interest and potential crusade of mine– I want Alden to roam! But if no other kids are out roaming, why the heck would he want to?

I read Leviathan Wakes by Daniel Abraham. “Space Opera”. Not my usual cup of tea (Earl Grey, Hot.) (Just to prove what a geek I am, down deep.) But I really enjoyed it! Great combination of dectective-ish thing, buddy-movie camaraderie, and, well, groady alien stuff. I liked it. Females kinda objectified, fair warning, a’la noir fiction and hardboiled mysteries, etc.

And, oh my, I read Wild.

I read Wild, by Cheryl Strayed.

I kinda want to write a whole post about this book sometime soon, but for now, let me say– I didn’t as much read this book as inhale it, gobble it, ingest it wholesale. Nuff about Wild for now- I could not stop reading it until I burst into tears when it ended and pushed it off the end of the bed, not mad at it but just really really full.


Four books- four weeks.

Also a canoe trip happened.

Also multiple multiple gigsgigsgigs– itrs wedding season, festival season, everything season in Montana.

Also started that new job I mentioned.

Also have been REALLY REALLY trying not to let anything from our CSA go to waste–  I’ve been trying to freeze veggies we haven’t eaten by Sunday– beforer we get a new overload on Monday.

Also, Alden has grown about three inches since June (I don’t actually thinkl that’s accurate, but TWO different people said to me today that they barely recognized him, having not seen him since June.)

OK- clearly, I have missed having this outlet! I’m rambling here-

My point (I kinda have one) is this:

I’m glad to have this new computer. I am glad that NOT having one happened too.


2 thoughts on “Back in the (online) saddle

  1. If you can access the “Freshly Squeezed” comic strip in your paper or online that last few days have been about the son being forced off his computer by his “old school” mother. Worth a look.
    On a couple of recent trips, as the owner of a new smarter-than-I-am phone, I’ve noticed how deeply adults and children can get immersed in those things. People get immersed in books too, as you well know, but the body language is different somehow. The smartphone/IPad folks seem much tenser or irritated or somesuch.
    I just finished Leviathan Wakes and thought it was really good as well. Unfortunately, (in the style of GRRMartin) it will take a while for the next two volumes to come out.

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