Yeah, cause I’m an expert

So, tomorrow, a short article of mine is appearing in the Missoulian. It’s a post in a monthly series called “Healthy Starts”– basically a series about tips and suggestions for parents and caregivers of children birth to teens.

It’s not that what I wrote isn’t good, or valid, or maybe even helpful– I’m just so amazed at my changed perspective. I felt way more confident advising parents before I became one!

Makes sense, really– as a card-carrying Introspectivista, I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about, well, whatever I’m doing. Doesn’t make my insights/advice about parenting less valid– just makes ’em more PERsonal, post-Alden. Do I always do a great job of doing the things I recommend in the article coming out tomorrow> Hell no .But do I think I ought to try, to strive, for that kind of thing? Yepperoo.

Wish I liked my “professional” photo more. NOT the photographer dude’s fault. He was HI larious and great. Just the usual “huh? I look like that???” of photos.:)



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