Managing the days

There are a couple of different ways Josh and I manage the days.

Some days, I get up early (alarm set for six, usually out of bed by 6:15) and get to work by 7:00. More like quarter til. So that I can work a full day and still get Alden at 3:00 if that’s when his day at camp or school ends.

On those days, Josh wakes up with Alden, gets him breakfast, gets him all packed up and organized (oh, you need a swimsuit today? Oh, you need your slippers?) and off for their days. On those days, I race away from work to make it on time at pickup, and Josh works til he’s done for the day, usually home by 6ish.

Some days, I take Alden in the morning, often because I have some kind of work commitment that needs me after 3 PM. On those days, I “sleep in” until 7 or 7:30, whenever Alden jumps or slides his way into the “big bed” and usually says as he snuggles in, “You’re warm!” We snuggle for a minute or two or ten and then it’s off to the races. I get him breakfast, make his lunch, make sure he has his stuff, and take him to school, and then I go to work, leaving on those days not until 5 or 6.

Today, I dropped him off at gymnastics camp a little before nine, went to work for an hour, went to a midday gig from 10:30- 1:00, then back to work until 8:30 PM. Made it to each obligation with zero minutes to spare. Well, almost all– Alden was asleep when I got home.

Josh and I had a hardandgood chat yesterday about logistics–

Hard- because the logistics are in a ton of flux right now. We BOTH feel like we’re giving more than our fair share, at times; we BOTH feel like we’re skating on the thin-ice of no-wiggle room, work-wise. And I know we both feel like we don’t spend enough time together as a family.

But good, because, you know, I’m gonna take this particular bout of Whaaaa! as a win. Yes, I am. Josh and I, managing some crazy newness, crazy unknowns, knife-edge teetering of “making it work”, managing the days– and, well, for the most part, we are.

There is no great cosmic gradebook in the sky for getting your act together of which I am aware. So I am giving us a passing grade today.

A friend of Alden’s gave him a note today:

In case you haven’t read “Five-Year-Old” in a while, it says:

“Dear Alden, I hope you can come to the meeting.”

Josh asked Alden, “When’s the meeting?”

Alden whispered, “I Don’t Know. It’s a Secret meeting.”

But I’m pretty sure he’ll make it to the meeting– he has crazy-mad-logisticizing parents for role models. He’ll show up where he needs to be in the nick of time, I’m sure.


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