Dear teachers

Dear teachers,

Alden starts school with you tomorrow, and so I spent a little while tonight filling out the questionnaire I should have filled out a month or two ago, in which I tell you in a few short sentences about Alden’s unique qualities, particular challenges, and so on.

I did the best I could…

As a teacher and a director, I’ve been on the receiving end of the parent questionnaire. Many times. So… I get it.

In the rush of meeting ten or twenty or thirty new young beings, (not to mention their parents) — you’re working at the utmost capacity of your empathy, organization, responsiveness and communicative powers to be as aware and connected to all. these. people. In a short window of time, you’re establishing patterns and expectations that will shape your whole year together. You are maxed. in an amazing, joyful, deep way. Like getting ready to fall in love. I get it.

So I totally don’t expect you to read, today, this week, my little notes about my amazing son. Because, he is, you know. Amazing.

You’ll get to know him and you’ll see. He’s asleep, in the next room (we live in a one-bedroom house, you didn’t know that) with glow-sticks strapped around each wrist, three and four on each wrist, red, yellow, purple, green. He is lit up like a sleeping rainbow prince in there. Why? Well, because he’s been saving his money (in our house the rule is any coins on the floor he gets to claim and put in his saving jar) and today he and his daddy were shopping (for school supplies actually) and Alden had brought some of his Own Money (it was “thick in his pocket” he said– all nickels and dimes…) and at Michael’s, Alden chose to buy a box of glow-sticks.

But a friend who came over snapped a bunch of them– Alden hadn’t meant to snap ’em all today– and so they were glowing… and so he (tearfully) agreed to wear them to bed as the next best thing to snapping them himself.

You won’t know this, tomorrow, when we show up, belated paperwork and required paint sets and lunch box in hand, and you reach, reach toward him to begin the amazing journey that is being the teacher of a 4 year old guy.

I am so OK with that.

I mean, A) whatever. It’s a sweet, cute, but non-life-changing event. From our adult omniscient perspective anyway. What odd-seeming events, objectively “unimportant”,  loom large in YOUR memory from childhood?

But more importantly,  B) This is a trusting situation. Alden hasn’t yet had any troubles transitioning into a new environment. Part of it is, did I mention he’s awesome? But also, I do believe that Josh and I communicate to him a great degree of trust in the situations where he’s been. Plus, he’s been fortunate to only be in the care of really excellent providers, responsive and loving. He’s grown and flourished in each situation.

I wrote you a few thoughts about our amazing dude, and maybe you’ll read’em in a few weeks when life settles down from “crazy first-days” to normal busy-days…

I look forward to your ways of knowing our guy, and to the enlarging that comes from the expansion of his (our) world.

Love, Grace


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