The big hike

Wow, sometimes you get lucky.

I mean, let me count the ways.

For starters, the smoke came into the valley the next day. We hiked Saturday and it was pretty darn clear, high of maybe 80, in the mid-fifties when we started out. Pretty much perfect conditions for the hike.

Which was 7 miles, round trip, and 1150 feet elevation gain (and, obviously, loss again.)

Now, that ain’t necesessarily a huge accomplishment.

Unless, you’re, you know, FOUR.

Alden and I had made it to the top of this mountain before, with our good friend, Cranky Eloise, who kindly took this picture (below) which I dearly love and have on my wall at work.

But that time was different.

It is crazy to me to realize, this shot is two years ago, almost. I strapped that big boy on my back and powered us up that mountain, and it was fun.

But this time…. he worked for it. He noticed the steep places, and he noticed the shady places. He noticed when we started to get a view, and he noticed, oh, MAN, did he notice how awesome it is to stand above our town and point to the places we know intimately on the ground. How magic it is to look DOWN at a soaring hawk. How proud of ourselves we feel for saying we were gonna make it, and then makng it. And how magically good an ice cream cone tastes when we’ve arrived back down.

Such a day.

Such a special place, our mountain, our town, together.

Was it wrong of me to wake him up for the ice cream?


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