Consider me posted

So, Who knows why, I signed up for a challenge to post on my blog EVERY DAY in the month of September.

Here’s some good reasons:

Get in the habit

Use it as a journal

Writing begets writing

Carve out this space (which is, you know, MINE.)

So— only four days late, I dive into the fray.


The theme is “I, or Eye.”

Not quite sure I uderstand the intent, and, well, this being MY space, that’s probably A-OK. I am going to do my level best to post daily, and have said posts relate to Memyself andI, and/or something I’ve observed.


Let me start today with an observaion of today:


Rode my bike to work. Chilly! Actually sorta wished I had a sweatshirt on, and noticed that others (who I assume have been more regular bike-commuters than me) were wearing their sweatshirts.

Got to work and went straight in, coffee-less. Kinda thought I’d see how it would be to put off that glorious-bitter-creamy-hoo-hah until like 9 or 10…

So when I walked back over to the coffee shop, I passed Charlie B’s. A guy, maybe 50’s, sweatshirt, hood pulled up, outside, a woman approaching as I headed for the coffee shop door, “How you doin?”




It’s maybe 60 by now.


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