I saw this





If this picture looks a little blurry, It’s because I was literally begging Alden to stop dancing for a minute so I could take it.

Mostly, the whole thing looked like this:







Or this







or this







Alden has always loved getting dressed up. At his last preschool, most of the photos from the early part of the year feature giant wolf hats, colorful vests, or some other kind of adornment– even when the photo shoes Alden working intently on something like counting or solving a puzzle.

At his old day care (a wonderful place called Roots and Wings–he called it his school, bless his two-year-old-heart) (and what’s the difference, REALLY, when it’s a wonderful place that’s right for the age of the children served??)–

Anyway, at Roots and Wings Alden used to dress up a lot, Princess clothes, vball gowns, there was one dress the teachers and EVERYONE knew was Alden’s favorite. I will confess I felt some progressive-parent-pride in how cool we were with it. So he loves that dress! Sweet! We’re straight but not narrow. We totally support… um…. whatever that means.

When he started at his “real” preschool when he was three and a half, he told me there were animal dressups and princess dressups–“for the girls.” I asked if boys could wear them too.

“No,” he told me decidedly. They are for the girls.

I was dismayed that he’d gotten such a harsh message so quickly, imagining he’d been told, or subtly clued in, that boys in dresses was a no-no.

“But, you used to wear fancy dresses all the time at Roots and Wings,” I pointed out.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “But, Mama, they didn’t HAVE any other kinds of dress-ups there.”

Oh– Mama’s assumptions, 0. Real life experience of person involved, 1.















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