Time’s a



I’ve been loving this song, these musicians singing this song, for a long time.

What this song is about, well, you know, it’s a feeling… I had it this evening, unexpectedly, at a birthday party for a friend of Alden’s. I had the strange sudden (except absolutely NOT sudden) sense of time at play.

I’ve often told people that the main reason why I can play fiddle at all is because I’ve just done it for so darn long.

Do anything over time, time, time, and you look around, and it’s something you’ve done for quite a while.

Had that feeling tonight about being a mom in Missoula.

People I really, genuinely, like, a LOT, and have wondered why I haven’t gotten to know better… I realized it IS happening… over time.

(plus, David Rawlings, I don’t think, plays this one the same at ALL these days! Way less flash.)


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