Looking at me

We don’t have a full-length mirror in the house.

We have a mirror in the bathroom, your typical medicine-chest one. I brush my hair in front of it, etc.

We have a mirror on the wall in the living room that starts at the floor and is about three feet tall. We put it there when Alden was small, because we wanted him to see himself. I somtimes look at myself in it, dressed, but it’s silly– I have to crouch or scrunch, or only check out my tummy-to-ankles area (my fave)– so, kinda not useful.

We have a tiny round mirror by the front door, shaped like a frog with a wide open mouth, and I sometimes look in it to make sure there’s nothing in my teeth.

I’m in a fat place right now. Saying it “out loud”– I have put back on some weight over the last year or two. When I feel this way, I kinda stop looking at myself. I don’t turn and look at reflective shop windows. I don’t check out the back view, I don’t really look at myself at all.

I should.


3 thoughts on “Looking at me

  1. Thanks– I wasn’t “fishing!” But thanks. It’s a funny thing– I think it’s a good thing to SEE yourself– both in terms of keeping yourself honest AND in terms of seeing the good.
    Easy for me to say in response to two of the most beautiful women I know.

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