A WhizPop for a day

There’s this band in Missoula, that I wouldn’t believe exists except that a) Alden LOVES them; and B) I’ve gotten to sit in with them twice now. The WhizPops.

The Whiz Pops are, at the heart and soul of it, two kindergarten teachers (male– rad enough in and of itself) who write and perform songs about, you know, the usual– like Dinosaurs, Bats, Bugs, Penguins, Forest fire ecolgy– the usual.

I’m kinda wildly jealous that I don’t get to BE in this band as a regular thing because, Hello– Missoula; kids; music– um. Yeah.

But I have been lucky enough to play with them a few times (and I’m hoping they’ll ask me to play on their next record!! hint.)

Today’s show was at the annual “Hip Strip” Block party.

The Hip Strip, of course, is a great area, just south of the river, with the greatest coffee shops and bakeries in town, the original Kettlehouse brewery, the crystal theatre, the Peace Resource Ctr, Big Dipper Ice Cream, I mean, it’s a great little area and I was sad to move back across the river to my new office location.

The set included a kids’ fashion show, courtesy of Walking Stick Toys, and I mean, cute cute, toddlers struttin their stuff clinging to the hand of their big brother or sister, a trio of little flower fairies, a couple dragon-slaying 4-year-old-knight types– it was all that and more.

Here’s a taste of the awesome that is the WhizPops.



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