Goodness knows, I am not a believer in “the answer.”

If anyone tells you they have figured out The system, The process, The organizational magic, The anything– that is supposed to fix things– fix your chronic lateness, disorganization, unhelpful spouse or children, sex life, diet, whatever– I am first, annoyed, then skeptical, and finally bored.

So I share this little job chart thingabob with zero smugness or suggestion attached. This is working kinda remarkably well at the moment. I think it’s working because Alden and I talked about it together, I remind him about it playfully but matter-of-factly morning and evening, and he’s kinda one of those guys who really really likes order and responsibility.

Also, the “jobs” are not (nor expected to be) accomplished 100% independently, although he’s pretty close.

I’m pretty psyched about how this is going at the moment.

In case I need to say it, there is no “reward” for doing this stuff. I mean, other than feeling proud of yourself, and part of the family, couldn’t do it without you, kind of thing.

We’ll cross the “allowance” bridge when and if that makes sense, but right now, we aren’t even on that part of the river. Knowing that opinions change as experiences change, I will say this: From my current place, I hope that allowance and home-jobs (AKA “chores”) continue to stay separated for us.

Josh and I don’t get paid to do the things we do to make our home a good place to be (washing dishes, fixing fences, changing lightbulbs, laundry out the ears…)

On the other hand, we do each have a certain amount of “spending power” — ability to do the little things that DO feel like treats and rewards (double Americanos and IPAs top my list) — and so I also think that, in age-appropriate fashion, Alden deserves that too. Right now, he likes to sometimes leave the house with a quarter or so in his pocket in case there’s a “machine” where our errands take us. And there is NO connection to his “jobs.”

My secret goal is to create and post “Grace’s Jobs” and “Josh’s Jobs” alongside. 🙂


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