Today’s sights

Observation- “eye” or “I” being the NaBloPoMo theme- (gol, I have to say, that’s such an icky insider kind of thing to call “National Blog Post Month”– especially since, well, it happens EVERY month, with a different theme each time. NaBloPoMo? Yuck.

Although, I am feeling kind of excited about trying to keep up with it. Posting EVERY DAY is kind of a big deal!

Like everything else I oughtta be doing every day, right?

But- not going to get side tracked into shouldas and oughttas.

I’m going to describe just a couple things I saw/experienced today.

1. Josh made coffee. I smelled it when I was still in bed. It smelled so rich, burnt, dark, enticing. I got out of bed, did the bathroom stuff, got clothes on, all with my nose and mouth and brain happily anticipating a strong cuppa. It did not disappoint.

2. Alden snuggled in as he often does, if I don’t have to leave before he wakes up. He wriggles in cozily, but almost every time, before I’m QUITE ready he has moved on to the nakey-noo leaping and bouncing on the bed, chortling with glee and telling me You Can’t Get Up Yet! because he wants to bounce by me and on me some more.

3. Missoula was so beautiful today I could hardly bear to go indoors. I am so excited about a hike tomorrow morning before work!!


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