For so many reasons! Big sighs of relief and wonder all around.

1) For whatever reason, the smoke lifted this afternoon. It has been pretty oppressive in town (classified by the Health Dept as “unhealthy” for several days) so the glimpse of blue sky, rather than thick grey haze, this afternoon, was lovely.

2) The trip to the pool today which would have been almost $15 for the three of us was FREE, thanks to First Montana Bank, which donated free passes to kids under 16 and their parents, to encourage people to get some exercise when it’s not OK to be outdoors. We didn’t know about the donation until we got to the pool and it was such a nice treat to swim for free!

3) Alden ate SOUP and even said it was yummy (almost convincingly!!) I am SO glad because, jeez, soup is easy, cheap, versatile, slow-cooker-friendly, left-over-friendly… He has been pretty anti-soup, and so I was very very happy. It was potato-leek soup, and it was subtly flavored and VERY good (IMHO) so yay.

4) Peppers (green, poblano and ancho) stuffed with local ground beef, carrots and onions along with quinoa, topped with some broiled cheddar… yummy and I felt excited about our mostly-veggie-based dinner. 1 lb of lifeline “Primo Ground Beef” made 11 stuffed items (10 halved peppers and one tiny patty-pan squash. I ate two smaller pieces– so, probably like 2-3 oz of beef at the most.)

5) Oh, yeah, we have our internet access back! A saga unto itself, the device we have (a USB Modem), has been kind of a PITA since we got it. And it stopped working altogether Thursday evening, thereby RUINING my NaBloPoMo every-day-posting plan.

But oh well–PHEW, we’re back.

I am planning to contact Verizon and suggest they oughtta refund us part of this month to compensate for the FOUR DAYS we were without internet, not by choice, as well as the approx 6 hours I have spent talking to and navigating tech support since then.

6) New Book!! I am reading China Mieville’s Embassytown– and so far, I love it, though I’m not quite sure I understand it, yet.


One thought on “Phew!

  1. Grace,
    1) Potato – leek is one of my personal favs as well.
    2) When you talk to Verizon, go for a full month of free internet and negotiate down if you have to.. The phone agents have a lot of latitude in adjusting the pricing. They definitely want to keep you as a customer.
    3) I read Embassy town a few months back ( I have an in with a librarian). It is quite good, but indeed pretty confusing for a while. Mieville tends to let you build your own context as you go along, rather than smacking you with it in the first chapter.

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