Who? Tired?

It’s 12:30.

I just got home from band practice (which was fun) a little while ago and I need to get to bed.

Classic three-day span, here…. “Blog every day” another item on the list of things I’m sposed to be doin.

Monday AM, I was up and into work by 8, worked til almost 6, raced home to find my relaxed boys who’d canoed that day, and asked innocently, “Did you guys get the share? (our veggies, prepaid, from the farm)” They hadn’t and charged out the door to do so… I changed and hopped on my bike to make it to my gig by 6:45– we started at 7:00.

Fun night, though I was beat to a crisp when I got home at about 11:30, and the dishes etc hailed me. For once I left ’em, and Josh got to ’em sometime today.

Today, into work by 8 again, and a busy day. Left a very emotional meeting with zero time to spare to make it to Alden’s school where I was sposed to do a 1/2 hour of music and movement with the class. Did that, it was fun.

Hauled Alden to the bank and the gas station on the way home (um, I didn’t know I COULD put more than 14 gallons in the Subaloo– I was pretty low I think!)

At home, fixed fritatta and roasted brussles sprouts (plus grilled cheese for Alden) and sliced heirloom tomatoes for dinner. Yummy.

Did the dishes, filled the tub, kissed boys goodbye and out to band practice.

Which, as I said, was fun.

But tomorrow, in order to make the week “work” I need to be at work at 7, so, goodnight.

Because I need to go to bed, because I have to pick Alden up tomorrow and take him back to work, and we’re bringing the CD player (and headphones) so he can listen to Jack and Annie because he seemingly NEVER gets tired of Jack and Annie… and I have a practice tomorrow night and a wedding gig on Friday and a late night bar gig on Saturday and I sometimes, sometimes, just, you know, I get a little tired.


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