C’mon over

Alden and I were walking yesterday at “the land” — That’s what I’ve called it since I lived closer to it, years, a lifetime, ago. It’s the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DRNC) facility on Spurgin Rd, a facility where they cultivate trees for reforesting our public lands. It’s outside the city limits, which means off-leash dogs are OK. And it’s become a dog-walking hub, because, as long as the dogs stay out of the fragile baby-tree areas, they can roam, including in the irrigation ditch, which  was our whole point in going there yesterday.

We were rounding a bend we’ve rounded umpteen times before. But Alden suddenly noticed that there was a house, right there. “Mama, they have a trail, from their house, right to here!”

“Yes, they do.”

“They can just walk from their house to here!”

“I hope they do that a lot. I would!”

“Mama, will we live here someday?”





“I don’t know. I don’t really think so.”

“Why not?”

“Well, everybody picks where they want to live and, well, we like where we live, and…)


(and, dangit, we are not moving ANYWHERE but a house like that out here is pretty much out pf our league til we get  a lot of other stuff figued out, even if we DID want to live out here….)

“So, Mama, what do you like about our house?”



I said, I like…

that we are so close to downtown.

I like our neighbors so much. I love that we live amongst familiar folks and even friends, not strangers.

I like…

I like the bricks. Now interior as well as interior.

I love the curved windows.

I like the new floor Josh installed.

I like our prairie boulevard in June— that’s when it’s MEANT to look amazing.

?? can I say I “like this” even though I hope/trust/pray it’s temporary— I kinda like our sun porch sleeping alcove.

Deep breath.

Our house is always, always, ALWAYS in a state of change, flux, chaos, disrepair, in-between, make-do, stop=gap, in-between, undone, as-is-ness.

Our house is a place of love and security…. I guess in spite of that…. so…. c’mon over?


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