“How’s the new job?”

The first thing I tell people is that I feel SO good about it, that I love feeling like I know what I’m talking about again after several years of trying to get up to speed in new fields, new terminology, new acronyms, new material…

(Don’t get me wrong– the new job has, and will continue to, involve LOTS of learning– new systems, procedures, protocols, expectations, culture… But THAT has also been true in my LAST two jobs. But in those jobs, the very subject matter was also brand new! Good thing I’m a quick study, sheesh.

The second thing I tell people is that the hardest thing about my job is that my office is in a basement.

In a gray cubicle in a basement, actually.

Anyone who knows me can probably see right away how that would be a challenge. I gain energy from the outdoors. From sunlight, fresh air, and seeing the real (natural) world around me.

Here is what I am doing to make my new work space, well, work.

1) Walking to work when I can.

2) Taking a walk outside, even 5-10 minutes, once a day.

3) I hung a window picture on my wall, with a realistic outdoors (pond, trees) scene. It’s wierd how much it helps.

4) I got a full-spectrum and a grow light.

5) I brought five plants into the office. My co-workers ae fascinated that I even would try, but I really, really want them around. Most houseplants don’t need full sun– they should have a chance with a grow light indirect?

6) I am experimenting with this, but I am trying to schedule one or two site visits (away from the office) for a week, and then a “hunker” week. Keeps it variable rather than depressingly routine.

I am trying to pay attention to my need for outdoors time and recognize that I may need to do a better job of advocating for getting it– even AFTER work if need be. I’m a happier Grace if I do.



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