Mornings start like this.

Some days I have to get up and GO. Alarm set, up and at ’em to be at my desk by 7:00.

Josh wakes up early as a rule. He’s not a great sleeper lately, and generally goes to bed E-a-r-l-y… like 8:00, 9:00 at night.

I hang out later at night. 10 is early to bed for me. 11 and midnight are more normal. weekends, gig-wise, that can be much later– 2:00, 3:00.

So, Josh wakes up at 6-ish as a rule, sometimes even earlier. I usually start waking up after he’s already up, but most often my first real morning moment consists of “plunk” small feet hitting the floor and then “pad-pad-pad-padda-pad-pad-pad” small feet making a beeline for the Big Bed, and “floomp” launching onto the Big Bed.

Some mornings, the padding and floomping are decisive and energetic, and after the floomping on, the next thing that happens is some knees-to-chest jumping on the (vacated by Daddy) empty side of the Big Bed, while I open one eye and stare at this big jumping bundle with awe and so much love and wonder how in the world we all got here, got to this moment, crossing my arms over my chest so his enthusiastic high-jumping won’t result in “heel-stomp-to-the-boobs.” That has happened. It hurts.

But other mornings, the padding and floomping are sleepy and slow, and when he floomps onto the bed, he’s more wriggling than leaping, and he and I curl into the coziest, snuggediest retuck. We sometimes doze. Sometimes truly fall back asleep– sometoimes so much so that we need to hustle to get to school and work on time! But most often, we snuggle sleepily, but wakingly, too…and eventually there’s some tickling, some belly laughing, and we launch up and start the day.

Now, That’s all weekday stuff. After a late-night weekend gig, I have to say Josh is a champ. He gets up early and really tries to make sure I can sleep in. This past weekend, after I came to bed at 3:15 Friday night/Saturday morning he and Alden had a quiet start then left the house to hit the “Beagle” store (Alden likes Sesame Beagles, toasted, with butter, these days) and the Farmers’ Market. They got home at about 10:30, and I slept in later than I have in (literally) years.

The best, the best, are the weekend mornings when we’re all on the same timetable. When Josh and I make coffee for each other; Alden and I bake biscuits or cornbread; we all listen to the radio together and aren’t in any hurry. That’s the best. Heck, that kind of morning could turn me into a morning person!


2 thoughts on “Mornings

  1. Eliza and Lucille are watching a show called Dragon Tale these days and they say, “I wish, I wish with all my heart…” they can do something with dragons. Anyway, I wish, I wish with all my heart I can comment on your blog without being shut out by technology! Let’s try. Love this. I’m NOT a morning person but that six year old spooning time is enough to turn me around too.

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