It really felt like October today.

We’ve had a cold snap (supposedly) but the days so far have been warm-enough, and blue-skied, and mild. The hills have had a coating of snow a few times, but nothing substantial, nothing that has stayed past morning.

Today it rained. Drizzle most of the day, some truly chilly downpour, and a late afternoon clearing that made the trees (freshly washed of dust and ash) glow.

October. Chicken pot pie last night. Second cup of coffee today.

October – Halloween- two weeks away! (Talked Alden out of Batman and Darth anyone… not ready for store-bought costumes of characters he’s never even seen. I’m sneakily triumphant that the costume he’s now excited for pretty much requires a new set of red pajamas– which, he needed anyway pjs anyway. Mama, 1. Halloween, 0.)

October, with dark purple skies, wet streets, and yellow-orange maples.

How’s those gutters? Time to rake. Are the chickens warm enough? Do Alden’s boots fit? Time for the storms? NO! Not quite….

October- bean soup? Yes please. Red wine over IPA. Onions and garlic seem more indispensible than ever.

Alden, Josh tells me, took a three-hour-nap today. One hour on Josh’s chest, both snuggy on the couch. The next two hours still on the couch, curled under one of Josh’s favorite childhood blankys. We’re hoping he’s not coming down with something other than a mild case of October.


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