Taken pictures

Got home yesterday in the last of the sun. Josh was in the midst of making dinner, and when I asked what I could do, he said, “How bout a walk?”

I said, “Oh, sweetheart, I would LOVE to. Let me see if the boy wants to come with…”

And wonder of wonders, he did want to, no convincing required. (Well, there was convincing to wear a sweatshirt, but not for the walk itself.

Did I say “walk”?

Alden raced ahead most of the way, gleefully insisting he didn’t want his picture taken.








So I started taking pictures of other things (like our new “forest”, planted as penalty by the losing team of the Northside Westside Softball Game…

I am so amazed and thrilled by these new trees in this long-desolate triangle by the bike bridge. In a few years this space will be magical.)

And when I started taking other pictures, somebody changed his mind about getting HIS picture taken.

And taken…

and taken…

and taken.


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