Five reasons why decluttering rocks

The massive de-clutter fest of last weekend has so far had the following benefits:

1) rolling into the weekend for the first time in forever not feeling like my main focus tomorrow needs to be digging out mess

2) feeling relaxed about adding a Christmas tree and so on to our scene (pulled out the Advent calendar and it’s ready for Alden to start, tomorrow, Dec 1.

3) we’ve had a week of tasty home-cooked dinners and cleaned the kitchen each night fully. (I know, that should be normal.) The dinners have been: homemade sausage/broccoli quiche; carmelized onion bowties with crudite (yep); crusted chicken tenders, acorn squash and steamed broccoli; Larb (kinda); radiatore with creamy yogurt sauce and green beans.

4) my sweet husband and I are feeling like a team that has had a small win or two.

5) I feel strongly about trying to live well in a small space.

At less than 1000 square feet, our house, home to three people, two dogs, and three chickens, is far smaller than the US norm. But, around the globe, people live and flourish in less space, with far fewer resources than we have.

It’s so nice to remember that.



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