Bringing the tree home


Alden was so, so, so, SO excited for snow, Friday evening. Insisted we head out for a walk as it came dumping down (5 wet inches over 2 hours.) We came home freezing and soaked after a half hour, but fortunately the temperature kept dropping and the snow not only stayed but crystallized– gorgeous and fluffy– for a bluebird day on Saturday.

Time to get the tree.

We enthusiastically drove of toward Gold Creek only to remember as we started up that sickening Montana driving feeling when you don’t actually have a 4-wheel drive… “Huh… is this a good idea?”
The road was snowy, with tracks, but our Suby is old enough to be pretty low-clearance, so when the snow from the center of the tracks started ploofing up at us I could see Josh’s knuckles start to steadily whiten.

Not to worry. We came to a good place to pull a “back-in-so-you-can-drive-out” manouver, and we were on our way, walking a tiny way past a Forest Service Gate to Christmas Tree paradise.


This picture above does NOT do justice to the bluebell sky overhead. That’s Josh, forging ahead up the slope. The snow wasn’t super deep, but for Alden, all of 44 inches tall, it slowed him down. And it slowed me down too!


It was SUCH a nice afternoon, we didn’t feel freezy-rushed.


Fortunately we had a team, to select, cut, and…

haul ’em down the hill.snow4

This year’s tree mission was about perfect. We stopped on the way home for a diner lunch (Alden has been asking for a “Giant cheeseburger for lunch!” since that day. I had to scurry off to a gig, but I came home, at 1:00 AM, to a wonderland of lights, and two beautiful trees standing tall in the house, with lights on, ready for ornaments the next day.


We have a LOT of ornaments and this year we tried something new… we laid them all out and talked about them, remembering and laughing and telling their stories… and then each of us put on the ones we cared about most, until we felt like the tree was full. It’s the perfect amount.


It is NOT purple. But it IS beautiful. And it has slow-changing lights on it that cycle… orange…blue…red…green… Alden is kind of under a spell when he’s in the room with it.

In the mornings, he has been sitting quietly on the couch, wrapped in a quilt, just gazing at this strange and gorgeous thing we brought home, stood in the corner and decorated up. As I move around and past him, gazing, as I’m getting ready for work, I imagine that this is something he’ll remember…the getting, or the decorating, or the gazing, or all of it…

This is his Christmas and his Christmas tree, this almost-five-year-old dude. It’s beginning to look a lot like it.


4 thoughts on “Bringing the tree home

  1. I feel like we were there with you as your description is so beautiful. So glad this was the reward for the rainy wait. Merry, merry Christmas. Love, Grandma Sue

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