Mama, mama, mama ma ma, mama ma ma mmamaaamaamamaamamaa

Oh my god.

Did I seriously every TRY to get him to say it?

These days it is so continual, it’s like a soundtrack.

Actually, it IS a soundtrack– he sings it. Like, to the tune of ANYthing.

Twinkle twinkle (Ma ma, ma ma, ma ma maaa…)

Row your boat (Ma, ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma ma maaaa)


Last night, he called to me from in the tub, indignant at the thoroughly inadequate amount of water his dad had filled it with (you could barely swim in it!), and he was dissatisfied with my response time, so he began hollering a deconstructed version.

“Mm, uh, mm, uh! Mm, uh, mm, uh!!”

To be fair, he does call for and request help from Daddy quite often too. But somehow, there does not seem to be the steady backdrop of “Daddy daddy” the same way.

Mama mama mama mama mama mama mama

What is it, buddy?

I see your picture! Wow, lots of blue, my favorite…

You can have a cookie after dinner…

I don’t know where that is, let’s look…

I’m cooking dinner, I can read more Mr Poppers Penguins later…

Ok, that’s fine, just go ahead and go to the bathroom…

Mama ma ma mama ma mama

Sometimes I truly long for a place in the house that’s mine, just mine. Such a place would have a window facing east toward the hills, a desk or table or heck, a shelf, that wasn’t covered with stuff, just a plant, maybe. And this place would have a door. Oh, yes, it would have a door.

Mama mama mama ma ma mamama mama mama

I’d go into this place and just take a deep breath, and stare at the hills and remember about quiet, and I’d remember that intense longing to hear my name from that tiny little guy, and I’d remember how fast and short and unique this time and space is to be his go-to, his fixer of dinners and decider of cookie-havings and hugger-away-of-tears…his mama, ma ma mama.








2 thoughts on “Mama, mama, mama ma ma, mama ma ma mmamaaamaamamaamamaa

  1. Grace, this so funny! It made me remember a friend telling me that her favorite room in her (very beautiful) house was her bathroom…because it had a door – and a LOCK!! I didn’t have kids at the time and didn’t really understand. Also, wanted to thank your for your comment on my Mamalode piece today. It’s such a leap, to write things about your life and toss them out there for strangers to read. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read and comment – it means a lot!

    • Ahh,,, a door with a lock! Did you ever think you’d get so used to using the bathroom with an audience? 🙂 Thanks for visiting here; I loved your piece in Mamalode and look forward to reading more.

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