Basement to boogie


I like my new job in many ways.

In a day’s work today: graded an online course; helped someone figure out what classes they need to take; helped edit/revise an op-ed piece that will be published next week; prepped for two upcoming classroom workshops; and did some normal paperwork stuff.

My office… where all that happened… my cubicle… is in a basement, and I have to say… that’s hard.

I try to leave for a walk around the block, or at least down the block for a second cuppa coffee, but it does not always happen.

Today, by 1:00 I was stir-crazy. And because of my week’s to-do’s, I was flexible. (I’m teaching on Saturday = flexibility in the week…)

So I texted Alden’s teachers and asked if I could come play some games and sing some songs—I could be there at 2:30. Hallelujah, they said sure.

It’s so fun to spend time in Alden’s classroom this way. It REALLY allows me to know his classmates, from a different perspective than “Alden’s mom.”. I see who’s a squeaky wheel, who’s longing to be noticed, who’s kinda tumbly, who’s real reserved.

Alden insists that he likes me coming in, but when I do, he kind of climbs on me half the time and participates half the time. Makes sense to me, and I don’t worry about that at all. I’m so lucky that the thing that makes my day — (singing and laughing while preschoolers act like Beans, Beans, Trying on some Jeans. For example,,.) — is a welcome intrusion. Hope we can keep finding ways to play and join in, as Aldeeno-the-Machino keeps (dangit) growing up.




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