My name (no, not Grace)

** All the opinions below are in reference to MY guy, calling me by these names. I have ZERO opinion about what any other mom, mommy, mum, mumma, mama, ma, or (name) ought to be called!)**

I hate “Mommy.” I just do.

Ick, I want to type that again, it just bugs the heck out of me so much. It’s so precious, so Dick and Jane, so minimizing, so… bouffant hair and spotless counter, bandaids and bubblegum. (Shudder.)

I also hate “Mom.” (I have a particular kind of blick for Mom pronounced Mahm midwestern style. Grew up in New England. Can’t help it.)

Mom is kind of… Brady Boys. Kind of Trixie Belden. “Mom” is matter-of fact. Not nurturing enough. It’s kinda “can I grab the car keys”, if you get me.

Mama…well, Mama is me right now. To be accurate, it’s “Mumma” rather than  Maa-maa, baby sheep style– which suits me fine. Because I don’t really want to be “Maa” (ook, Mrs C from Happy Days, kind of)… but I am OK with morphing from being “Mama/Mumma” to being “Mum.”

“Mum” is kind of where I hope this is heading… for some reason, Mum… is the word. I can be Mum.




6 thoughts on “My name (no, not Grace)

  1. I was never anything BUT mum, and i share your (irrational?) distaste for Mom and Mommy. Just does not work. Mum’s the word!

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