Deep thoughts on an icy walk

This morning, Josh made sure I got to take a walk before he left for work (thanks, sweetie) so I had it in my head to head up Waterworks Hill (aka The Usual).

Didn’t make it 10 minutes up before realizing it was a doomed mission- Yowza, skating rink of a trail! and me without my Yaktrax–dang, next time! – I turned around, slid and skated down, and went for plan B, Greenough Park, which sits just below Waterworks.

Half the trail was just as slick (Ibut at least flat) and the other half, being paved, was just fine, so the dogs and I picked our way along the slick part, charged along the dry part and made it home before Josh had to eave.

On my slidey way, my mind started wandering, and I realized after a while I was coming up with a Slippery Walk As Metaphor theme to the thing, so, here you go:

Slippery Walk as Metaphor for … something

1. Sometimes it’s ok to slow down, but try to keep moving forward.

2. Even if you have to watch where you’re going, don’t forget to look up and enjoy the view (hello there, waxwings!)

3. When in doubt, watch the dogs. They will slip, not care at all, and make you laugh.

4. Be prepared. (Next time, anyway.)

5. Penguins are pretty amazing, actually, when you think about it.

6. The places most people have walked are the slipperiest. (weird metaphor, not sure I get it, but I liked it anyway.)

7. Kids cry louder when they fall, but grownups get hurt worse.

8. No matter what, you never, never regret going for a walk.








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