“Pretty cool!” (argh!)

I know better.
Dangit, I TOTALLY know better. I TEACH this stuff.

But I am not going to pretend I get it right all the time, or even all that often.


“Yes?” (Half attention.)
“How do you think my fort looks?”


“I think it looks pretty cool!”
“Why do you?”


Because you asked me to look.

Because you built it.

Because I didn’t think before I answered.

Because I didn’t take time to REALLY pay attention

Because I didn’t point out an element I saw, or ask you to TELL me about it, or ask how you did it.

Nope, I answered, “I think it looks cool.”

And now I have to explain WHY.

Just like for the picture you made earlier and the lego structure you created and the block tower and the roll you shaped out of dough and the clothes you picked out and the purple paper animals you cut out and taped together and the stack of matchbox cars (though, to be fair, that was, actually, pretty cool.)

I want to do better. Want to be mindful enough to truly shift my attention TO him, even if momentarily, in those, um, moments. Give him my brain and my heart,  not just my eyes and half an ear. That’d be… pretty cool.


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