adjective \ˈpen(t)-siv\


Definition of PENSIVE

: musingly or dreamily thoughtful
: suggestive of sad thoughtfulness
“Sad thoughtfulness”– see, that’s good.
It’s one of those, YES, words matter, definitions.
Pensive is different than melancholy (which kind of lacks the thoughtfulness) but also different than contemplative which lacks the sad.
But not just “sad” — “suggestive” of sad. Like a whiff. A slight amount, which might or might not really be there, depending.
A pretty good description of the past week or two (not so unusual in February.) Alden fighting off a series of fevery colds; Josh and I taking turns making dinner, whoever gets home first. Watching a little Deep Space 9 (he brought home the whole first season from the library, whatcha gonna do) and going to bed early. Breakfast. Work. It all sounds very plodding but it doesn’t really feel that way– more just steady and a bit plain. A bit… pensive.
One of my favorite words from Harry Potter, by the way – the Pensieve.
Dumbledore: “I use the Pensieve. One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one’s mind, pours them into the basin, and examines them at one’s leisure. It becomes easier to spot patterns and links, you understand, when they are in this form.
Harry: “You mean… that stuff’s your thoughts?
Dumbledore: “Certainly.
How cool would it be, to be able to dump all my thoughts from the past week or two into a shallow bowl and stir through the silvery soup, searching for patterns and links.

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