Blodgett Canyon


This is one of my favorite places on planet Earth.

I told Alden that, today, as we poked along.
He said, “What about Iceland?”

I said, “Well, I have never been there. Iceland seems like a very special amazing place, but I’ve never been there. It can’t be your favorite if you’ve never been there. And I’ve been here….

many times.”

blodgett 022

But, I realized, I have not been here since before Alden was born.

Until then, I had come several times a year, for 13 years, ever since the first summer I moved to Montana.

In fact, that first summer, 1994, (or maybe the next? Funny, now, not to know…) I hiked the 12.6 miles from the trailhead to the lake and back… 25 miles….in a day.

Mostly, my hikes in Blodgett have had one of two stopping points.
Sometimes, the “falls” a series of wide rocky ledges and flat spaces where people sometimes camp, about 5 – 6 miles up the trail.

But usually, the “pack bridge”, a wooden bridge about 3.5 miles up the canyon, making a 7 mile round trip, and an awesome day. The Wilderness Boundary is right by there, and that’s always kind of a cool thing, too.

Here I am at the pack bridge, circa 1998?

Grace at Blodgett

This was a hike with my brother Tom. I was so happy to share this spot with him, a NYC-dweller at the time, and for many years thereafter.

tom at blodgett

I hope he and I head up that way together again someday.

Blodgett is about an hour from home, and so I haven’t taken Alden there. (Until today.)

But he’s old enough and a good enough hiker that I knew it’d be worth the drive. I pretended I didn’t care if we made it to the bridge. I mean, 7 miles round trip would be a BIG day for the dude.
We took our time.

Built fairy houses.

blodgett 005

Climbed good-lookin’ rocks.

blodgett 021

Ate snacks, etc.

Alden took some pictures too. (He has his own camera now, a V-tech kid digital camera. He really likes it and I gotta say, the pictures are pretty cool. Why it has to have freaking games on it., I dunno, but, he likes it.)

Alden’s shots:

Aldens 1 002

Aldens 1 003

Aldens 1 007Aldens 1 006

I felt so nostalgic and multilayered today as we went along.

My heart sang every time Alden said, Whoa… looking at the enormous rock faces across the canyon. Because THAT is how I feel every time.

And when we stopped, about a half mile below the pack bridge, Alden eating an oats-and-honey granola bar and sniffling, teary, that he wished there was a shortcut and we didn’t have to walk. back. the. whole. way. we. just. came……… I knew we were done.



(It’s hard to get a sense of the scale, here…. Look at the photo and know that the trees are BIG trees and the creek down below is about 15 ft wide, and maybe that helps?) blodgett 028


And, it was a pretty damn nice place to stop, really.

blodgett 026

Oh, my dear, amazing Blodgett.

It will NOT be another five years before I visit.

blodgett 002


4 thoughts on “Blodgett Canyon

  1. I’ve only been up there once (we made it to the bridge and back) but I agree… so beautiful up there! When we went we hung out for a while at that little place where the water eddies around and there’s those deeper pools… I keep meaning to go back.

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