What I’m gonna write about

Blogging is funny.

I have a lotta “drafts”, you know? Things I started writing and… didn’t post.

Some of them were started WAY too late at night— needed a daytime revisit (or several) before public viewing.

Some were started with a certain point in mind, but after I had typed and flailed and banged for ten minutes or so, they had veered down unexpected alleyways. Opened into prairies of emotional territory I was unprepared to manage. In a blog post.

And so, they sit. These stunted stubs of blog posts.

And I thought, maybe, I would ask YOU. Here are five titles of posts that are at least 1/2 way to “ok, throw it out there” stage.

What, if anything, grabs you?

1. We Don’t Know How

2. I Got You Babe

3. One

4. The Tiny Baby

5. Hydroplane


6 thoughts on “What I’m gonna write about

  1. I too would love to have you “expand” them all. But I’m most intrigued by #2 and #5. Then my list goes #1, #3, and #4. Not what you asked for, but here it is anyway.

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