To Do List

I remember liking making to-do-lists.

The pleasant feeling of crossing items off, I remember that. For a while in college and shortly after, I kept my to-do-lists in those speckly black-and-white composition books with the sewn bindings– specifically because I really liked seeing the pages and pages of “dones.”  And felt proud of the fact that this to-do list was PERMANENT. As in, I would keep referring to it, turning back a page and making sure I got shit DONE.

Um, yeah. I remember that. The way I remember a book I read, or the way I remember peeing alone pretty much all the time.

These days, to-do lists are a varied, and variably successful, reality. Outlook has that awesome task list. (It can get real easy to ignore those red flags and red fonts, though…)

When Josh and I sit together at the start of a weekend relatively free of commitments, we’ll often make a list.

These lists used to crush us regularly with their impossibility. Once we started listing items we do, in fact, need “to do” — we’d feel required to list ALL of them… from “sweep and mop the kitchen and addition” to “replace the garage roof”.

We’re getting better at it, though…paring our lists back thoughtfully so a weekend spent doing chores results in a satisfyingly x-d, crossed, and scribbled-on list and a feeling of accomplishment… rather than a p[age barely touched and a sinking feeling heading into the busy, ball-juggling week.

We’re also getting better at communicating with each other about which “to do’s” are really the ones that are “can’t-stand-it-if-we-don’t-do’s”.

We’ll need to talk about it, but my weekend list right now looks like this:

* Get outside with the dogs both days

* Sweep and mop kitchen and addition

* Clean out fridge

* Weed whack yard and boulevard

* Alden’s friend’s B-day party, Sat noon

* Summer childcare planning meeting, Sun 4:00

* Wash windows if time

* Pay June bills

* Write at least 1 hour

Seems about right to me…




One thought on “To Do List

  1. I love to do lists and crossing things off. Sometimes I accomplish something before I make my list, and then I put it on just so I can cross it off… it’s totally cheating!

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