Growing, again

measureEvery few months, we do a double take.

“Did you GROW again??”  “Oh my gosh, I think so. Get up against the wall, buddy– let’s measure you…”

Why it startles us we’ll never understand. Because nothing is more predictable than this: this kid is growing. Every bite, every book, every friend, every new view, every day. Grow grow growgrow.

Our job? Creating conditions conducive to growth.

(Danger– metaphors ahead.)

We aren’t farmers, here. We want to be permaculturists. Or, even, maybe, naturalists?

I know, I do know, that Alden is having a unique experience of Being Human and In The World (just like everyone else.) He is already his own whole, entire self– just inexperienced yet. He is learning so much from us, and he has so much inborn from us–

(Case in point!!! He is doing this thing… he’s repeating, in a whisper, sentences or phrases he just said out loud. The thing is, I remember doing that VERY same thing. And then becoming aware of it. I think it’s related to the way I figure things out— by putting them out there where I can examine them from all angles. And he is doing! that! thing! I don’t do that NOW, it’s not a thing he has LEARNED from me… it just IS from me. or… from whoever gave it to me, I guess. Whoa, that’s kinda cool/odd–)

He is having HIS life. Now. Always. I love that, and I marvel at that, and it completely freaks me out.

He’s growing AGAIN????

june 2013 002





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