It’s A Blog!

For a person who writes a blog, I actually read pretty few of ’em on a regular basis. That’s because most blogs that I have seen, albeit in passing, annoy me.

I am annoyed by tutorials, and by posed photos and by consumerism and by pity parties disguised as “lessons learned” or “rising above.” (Not that I’m immune to all of that, but I’ve never (I don’t think,) recommended anyone buy anything. Except, maybe beets. You really should buy some, if you think you don’t like beets, because I DO know a way to cook them that is delicious. (Ask me if you’d like the recipe!) Your poop WILL be red and freak you out the next day, but you know, hey, antioxidants.)

I am annoyed by blogs that are lists. Like, that is in the top ten things that annoy me about blogs.

I am annoyed by blogs that are ostensibly full of honest and heartfelt advice about living and working with young children….suddenly turning into a mouthpiece for Fisher-Price. OK, that’s one particular blog.

I am annoyed by blogs that hurt my eyes to look at ’em. Look, I just had an eye appointment SATURDAY and he SAID I don’t need reading glasses, quite yet. So that’s not me, it’s the blogs.

I am annoyed by my own lack of posting, and then annoyed when I post something that feels unworthy! Of the good thing I’m going to write! Someday! I swear….




*** For some blogs I D O love to read — see the sidebar….


6 thoughts on “It’s A Blog!

  1. Oh, yes, this is awesome. Especially the last couple sentences!

    What is this fabulous beet recipe? I LOVE beets, but the hubby? Eh… not so much. He thinks they taste like dirt. I think the freshly-harvested itty-bitty half-fist sized beets steamed just so and delicately peeled (or not) are just out or this world… but I’m the only one that eats them, so I don’t get them very often. I should try them on Munchkin again…

    • I find many of them that are NOT annoying, but there are none I enjoy as much as yours. So give up the beet recipe! All different types of them are at the farmers markets now, and I am always looking for ways to serve them

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