Wedding season

For a few years there it seemed like we attended a wedding every weekend in July. Well, I WAS playing a lot of weddings ALL summer, for a while. But I mean as guests. There was a flurry of weddings a few years back (hm, followed a few years later by a hatch. Hm.)

The wedding whirl has slowed a bit, but this past weekend, we were able to attend a really special one. Our good friend D. married the woman of his dreams, and we could not be more thrilled for the both of them.

D. is a special friend of Alden’s, like an uncle, one of several grown-ups who Alden considers not just Josh’s or my friends, but HIS friend. Santa has left a stocking at our house for D. since the year Alden was born.

The wedding day was Missoula spectacular, and flowed into a cool and gorgeous Missoula mountain evening, the bride busting out all her best Paula Abdul moves while the groom tossed a football and a pack of five-year-olds tried to keep up with the eight-year olds.



My dates for the event.


This picture.

OK, look how far Alden’s head is, above the sink. And, how amazing both my guys look. (other than the wedding couple, they were best dressed, hands down.) It’s so strange and yet so normal to see this boy, instead of the baby/the toddler/the little little boy…

I’m trying not to blink.






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