The hike that was, Part 1

So Josh wanted to get some work done today.

One of the hazards of Josh’s “job” right now being “working on OUR house” is that he feels guilty and tormented when he is NOT working on our house.

And, I have started to realize, house projects, especially of the “one man band” variety, have a Scary Middle Period in which things are taking longer than expected and feeling more Complicated than anticipated.

(Side note, God bless A.A. Milne for inventing permission to Capitalize Things for emphasis outside of religious contexts.)

(Side side note, I have no idea if he did in fact do that, but he is who I feel myself paying homage to, every time I do it.)

Back on task: Josh wanted a weekend to focus in, especially since I was out of town in newborn wonderland with my new nephew last weekend, and Alden was out of school Thursday and Friday.

So, I said, I said, Alden and I will head out for an adventure Saturday. We’ll stay out of your hair.

And, we did…

And it went about like this:

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Alden: I just, kinda, I don’t want to go.

Me: Drinking coffee, filling water bottles, encouraging consumption of blueberries and cornbread.

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Alden: We get to go on the woods! Have you ever been on this trail? Can I read you this book (5th time of the day)? I’m not that into hiking.

Me: Making sandwiches, loading a backpack with two water bottles, a pear, an apple, a bag of pretzels-and-PB-crackers, two turkey sammies (one with mustard, one without), two crunchy granola bars, hat-n-mittens (just in case), rain jackets (just-in-case), his “kiddie” digital camera that takes pretty damn good pics, wallet, sunglasses…

11:15 AM: Out the door

11:30 AM: Bonner, MT. 8 miles east. top for gas. And hot chocolate. And “big pretzel.” Back on the road, after a thorough “window wash” using the bucket-squeegies provided.

11:50 AM: Clearwater Junction. Pit stop to “stretch our legs” and marvel at the ginormous “cow” which is, actually, on closer inspection, a bull. Back in the car, Alden muses, “I’ve never been in the store there.” Yeah, I respond, it’s pretty njormal, convenient store, you know. “Hm.” Alden says, ” It’s mostly just a landmark for us.” Yep. Though, pulling out, I notice a realty sign– the place is for sale?? and feel a stab of guilt.

End of Part 1–

Stay tuned for Part 2, including the Fairy House, the Whining, and the 3 Lakes!



2 thoughts on “The hike that was, Part 1

  1. *laugh * I completely sympathize with your husband… I’m constantly in a state of guilt about doing one thing when I should be doing another… regardless of whether the thing I’m doing is also supposed to be done or not!

    I didn’t know it was a bull!

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