Old Dogs

This guy.


I’ve been saying he’s GETTING old for… a few years now.

The truth is… he’s an old dog.

I’ve had him since the spring of ’02, and he was at least 1, maybe 2 then… so… he’s probably 13 or so.

He’s just been such a tough ranchy no-nonsense kind of a dog, it’s really startling to suddenly have a dog on our hands who….. needs some special care??!!

I mean, this is Putty we’re talking about.

Putty– who, when I thought to myself, “I should write a post about Putty”, it was hard to find pictures OF Putty. But… he’s ALWAYS been there. Any picture of me and Alden having a good time in a beautiful spot? Putty is there…


He’s just… always made his own good time.

When he was younger, Putty’s good time was pretty much unbearable a lot of the time. I have some amazingly tolerant friends, because Putty was a giant pain in the ass. Josh caught him once, four paws on the counter, eating leftovers out of the sink.

Our good friend Jeremy nicknamed him “Dexter Handly” for his “paws-on” approach to people, and life.

He used to have to be locked in the basement during parties.

My ex (whose dog had been a holy hellion, fighter, bastard love of a dog) wouldn’t dogsit Putty after a while.


A lot of photos of Putty are of his back end. He was never a wanderer but man, he used to run loops.


He’s old. He still loves to get out but I have had to help him into the back of the car now and then after a walk. More troubling, he’s leaking… doesn’t seem to be aware of leaking pee, kinda all over the place.

We had him in to the vet for some tests, and there seems to be no treatable cause of this…. no diabetes or immediate kidney failure. It’s a hard deal….. We are grumpy and upset about the pee everywhere but it’s definitely not his fault. We have added a crate to the house and are trying to put him in when we are gone but it’s not really a question of “accidents” or time away… he “leaks” while lying right next to us. He just doesn’t know.

So, we are thinking about creating a little “zone” in the addition, fenced in, where we can keep papers/pads, like for puppies. Less “enclosed” than a crate (he doesn’t like the crate) but less likely to make us mad at him over something he can’t control…

He’s just been part of the picture. For a long time. Rarely center stage, but man…. that guy….
How’d he get…. so old?

putty5(he’s on the left…. barely visible….)


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