Sticking the Landing

Man, it was one of those, today. At work, I was go, go, go, make it work, grab the needed item, show up at the needed moment, RIGHT until the last possible minute…. hustle, hustle, sign out of the computer the way I’m sposed to, sign out on the “In Out” board (I suck at doing both of those things)… 3:00 is comin, the bus is going to leave the school and I am parked a block and a half away and… !!!On the stairwell, an acquaintance, I haven’t seen in a long time, OMG, she has a new baby who is actually a toddler, that’s how long it has been, I want to connect, but feel the ticking clock like an action movie… chat chat and go…

Out the door and down the street and DAMNIT, parking ticket, missed the meter deadline by like 10 minutes, ARG, grab, crumple, stuff, shove, in, on go!

Out, down the block to where one mom is already standing– approaching— realizing— this mom… has a new new newbie bundled in the close sling that can only be a truly new newbie, yes, not quite a month yet. Wow. And preschooler at her side. As we chat and catch up, Mom #3 pulls around the corner, off work just in time to catch the bus. Mom #4 comes around the corner and we all admire her cute skirt and boots– “it was a work day!”– Mom #5 hustles down the alley just after the bus arrives (she is the QUEEN of timing, seriously!)

I couldn’t stop thinking about the bus stop, for a while, after… I just kept thinking aoout my own work situations and have-to’s and do-this-es and just-one-mores, and the pretzeling and back flipping and organizing that it takes, for me and Josh both, to make sure somebody is there, at the bus stop, 3:10, day after day.

And the cartwheels and somersaults and backflips I imagine as I see each other mom, or dad, complete their tumbling run and hit the ground, solid, bus stop, 3:10, sticking the landing, and making their kid feel like it was a graceful and effortless move.



2 thoughts on “Sticking the Landing

  1. This is so true! We can never know how many times our own parents completed this gymnastic move (for me it was more like when the kids were in late elementary-middle school as it’s always important to “be there.” And some days we don’t “stick and land” but tumble with some grace to the door of the bus. Keep up the good, good work and know you are loved not just for your successes but for your parenting efforts too.

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