I gotta stop reading certain things.

I have been seeing lots of articles about people downsizing, downscaling. refocusing, moving from their 80-hour-a-week Manhattan important-jobs-and-lives to some countrified redo, some jelly-making business, some sprung-from-the-head-of-Zeus hat company that is instantly hip[ because of whatever this person USED to do. Whatever they do in their new digs, it affords them a 1400 SF cottage with gorgeously slightly distressed and immaculately organized and a 40 hour work week so they can pursue all the outdoor recreation they always dreamed of, and also, their twins Chinook and Bodhi, who love to eat radishes still covered with dirt.

And I think to myself, Huh. (I am full of penetrating insights like that. Sometimes I think, Wha?)

In most of the world, our ~1100 SF home is… wait for it… PALATIAL. As a home for three humans, it is downright luxurious. That we own two working (most of the time) cars? Unreal. That we have a kitchen stuffed with food and the ability to buy inarguably frivolous things like chocolate chips, wine, kiwi, crackers? Crazy. (Well, the wine may or may not be a necessity. Judgment call.)

I recommend checking out this link, The Global Rich List. It will compare your income or wealth to, well, the rest of the world. Eye opening.

(YES, it is cheaper to live in other places, so it is not a Cost-of-living/quality-of-life index. Eye opening nonetheless.)





6 thoughts on “Downsizing?

  1. We have 3 of the hardest working Hispanic men ever painting the entire interior of our 1600 sq.ft. home this week. When the man in charge asked if we would be selling any of our furniture, I responded that we would not be moving our King Size bed. He asked if he could buy it but would have to check with his wife first. He took a picture with his cell phone for her to see. The next day he said he was so sorry but he couldn’t buy it. He further explained that he and his wife and 2 children sleep in 1 bed that is in the 3 room apartment they rent (kitchen, bathroom, and “living room”) She felt it would take up too much space. The kids need room to play inside. This was yet another dramatic reminder of the richness of our lives.

  2. I think about this all the time. My home is, by US standards, small (936 sq. ft.), yet it feels just right for me. And then I remember that the first owner – who purchased the home new in 1946 and lived here until 2007 – raised two children here. With a spouse. And a dog. And it was a perfectly standard size home in which to raise a family then. And, as you note, by current world standards, a single person living in this much space – with this many “luxuries” – is absolutely absurd. I try to be cognizant of it always, and I appreciate your reminder. I can’t be reminded enough.

    • Kate– I LOVE your house, from the pics I have seen. I can totally relate– when I think of our struggles to live right and well in our space, I am confronted by our abundance! It’s a perspective thing. 🙂

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