I was in a play, back in October. Or was it September? It was a LOT of fun, in the take-over-your-life way that plays are in the week or two leading into performances. I played my fiddle, sang a short a capella piece (melody by my friend the crazy-talented John Sporman) and declaimed a Greek-chorus-y poem at the very end of the whole thing, all while wearing dead-lady makeup and standing barefoot.

After the eighth evening or so in a row of standing barefoot on hard wood floors, my feet hurt like a mother. I know, call the Whaa-mbulance– but, no, really, they killed. I iced them for the first time ever after the second to last evening and almost cried from how good that felt. I did it again after the remaining performances.

After the show, maybe a week or so, I started noticing that my feet still kinda hurt, and that the pain was mostly in my left foot in the heel.

And then after a few more weeks it had kind of migrated to the side of the foot.

And it kind of lingered on…. hurting more if I took bigger walks. I started taking smaller ones. It hurt if I went up and down hills. I started staying on the flat.

Flash forward to early February, and it was just plain hurting a lot of the time, and if I went for a walk, I paid for it that evening and the next day.

I was pretty bummed out about it as you would imagine. I honestly have no idea what I would do for exercise that doesn’t involve moving along, on my feet, in one way or another (faster or slower or uphill or downhill or not) and so I was kinda freaked out by this pain getting continually worse despite doing less and less and less.

Finally came a weekend when I was limping just around the house, and I had to face it, I needed to do SOMETHING. I googled, and the likely culprit was a stress fracture, so I went to the orthopedic walk-in clinic. A few x-rays later, they ruled out the stress fracture and suggested tendonitis, put me in a boot, and signed me up for some physical therapy.

Let me just say that the PT’s knowledge of anatomy and ability to spend time with me actually figuring out what was going on? Really incredible. I felt like, I should have come here first. I was given some (very) simple stretches/moves to do, and I have tried to be pretty faithful about doing them. (I know! I know.) He also has used teeny weenie needles a couple of times to help certain muscles unlearn some habitual spasming. Weird, but cool.

I’m not all the way better (ie, pain-free) by a long shot, but I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get started healing up. There are still a WHOLE lot of places these feet need to carry me.

rubyHere’s a photo from the play! In all fairness, the bare-feet/tenderfoot connection could definitely be a red herring. I regret nothing.:)


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