Sunday stroll



Watching for ice floes.

We saw one that stretched nearly shore to shore– startlingly big.

Things have melted so quickly- all that is left of our gigundous blizzard is some wet, sad heaps and dregs. Alden loves finding snow that LOOKS solid but is in fact, slushy booby traps. And then inviting me to “come check it out.”

We took a little walk by the California St Bike Bridge and new Silver Park. I feel like I am rediscovering dog-walking (rather than hill-hiking) — both because of my (mending) tendonitis foot and also because Putty, who we lost this week, was pretty impossible on-leash, and ridiculous off-leash, so these types of walks were off-limits. Not so with Raisin. She is so easy. Doesn’t pull, doesn’t run awazy, comes when called. I am kind of hoping that an upside of losing Putty is that she gets to have a bit of a Renaissance.


I love this bridge. It’s so beautiful, and getting more functional all the time.


The soft droopy snow was kind of perfect for two tiny snowmen. Alden was very fond of them.



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